Our workshop is equipped with a separate room fully equipped for the construction of overhaul engines.  Our own specialist has the ideal conditions and all the necessary tools to build your new engine in the clean, specially equipped room.  Thanks to our close cooperation with selected specialists, they perform the mechanical processing on the engine parts.


Outsourced activities

Think about:

  • Honing the cylinders
  • Excess drilling of cylinders
  • Placing cylinder sleeves
  • Block deck surfaces
  • Crankshaft bore line honing
  • Flatten cylinder heads
  • Valve seats replaced for LPG-compatible seats
  • Replace valve guides
  • Welding and repairing compression spaces
  • Chemical and ultrasonic cleaning
  • Polishing and grinding crankshaft and camshaft

Bore block with torque plateDecking the block



Decking the blockHoney the cylinders

After this the engine parts come back to our workshop and our specialist gets to work with it.

After a thorough inspection of all dimensions, it is checked whether all parts meet our strict quality requirements after the operations.
If these meet the requirements, the parts are assembled and / or assembled. Through this process we always keep the quality of the end product in our own hands and we can also guarantee the customer!


parts assemblyHemi rebuild





LPG inlet seat HEMI Hemi head assembledHEMI LPG heads

Viper rebuildMagnum Long Block


You can come to us for all common activities.

We also have the most common engines and cylinder heads in stock. 
Longblock, Shortblock, Cylinder heads, or a complete turnkey engine is no problem for us!


Short block HEMITurn key HEMI

 Magnum Stroker 408

And for the real  wealth lovers , we deliver and build everything to your liking!

Whether it is a fast N / A Magnum or HEMI a BIG CUI stroker or a twin-turbo or supercharged HEMI of 1000+ HP. 
There is nothing that we have not already seen or can build.

1200hp 6.1 HEMI Whipple superchargedStroker 408 magnum1200hp HEMI

MOPARTRUCKSHOP, in cooperation with MOPARTRUCKPARTS, is a dealer of the major well-known brands.


big brand parts

And we work together with the well-known and established MOPAR / HEMI tuners in the USA.

Modern Muscle Extreme 

Flying Ryan Performance

Hughes Engines


Do not hesitate and contact us and let us know your wishes!

From standard Magnum V8 or HEMI to a High Performance stroker engine everything is possible!

Engine Photo1

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